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Trees are one of the most essential parts of our ecosystem. They provide us oxygen and improve the quality of air and water. That is why planting trees are seen to boost the overall value of the home or commercial property. However, in order to maintain that value and ensure that the trees flourish, you need to ensure regular tree care and maintenance. Plainfield Tree Service specializes in tree care for all kinds of tree varieties. We can offer you the best solutions for your tree care needs and ensure that it grows healthily.

As part of our extensive tree care services, we at Plainfield Tree Services can help you with tree trimming, tree pruning, tree cutting, residential  tree  services, tree stump removal, stump grinding, commercial tree services and more. Our specialists will ensure that your property looks perfect and well organized, and no twisted and overly grown branches, twigs, or limbs ruin the appeal of your yard. We also make certain that the trees in your property do not cause any kind of damage to your home, pool, driveway, sidewalk, or commercial building.

When to Call a Tree Care Expert

Get in touch with our tree company if you are worried about the thick roots debilitating the foundation of your home or damaging your driveway. Professional tree care will ensure that your property is protected and safe from potential tree problems. Call Plainfield Tree Service today if you see that:

  • the trees do not develop new leaves or blossom in the spring
  • the trees are inclining in the direction of your property or the street
  • the trees have noticeable holes and cracks in the trunk
  • the trees have rotting and dropping limbs and branches
  • the trees show signs of a decaying root system

We Offer the Most Reliable Tree Services in Plainfield

Our tree care team includes specialist tree surgeons and arborists who are experienced in managing all kinds of tree problems effectively. We guarantee that no tree-related issue disturbs the stylish intrigue and aesthetic beauty of your property. We at Plainfield Tree Service also ensure that you get a safe space with healthy and blossoming trees. Our experts can assist you with making the correct choices when you search for “tree service near me” for tree removal. We will inspect the health of the tree to decide whether cutting it down is the only option or if a little care can help to revive its health.

Plainfield Tree Service has been serving homeowners and commercial property owners in the state for years. We are fully licensed and certified to give you the most suitable tree care you need. Our team of professionals has undergone extensive training to be acquainted with how to deal with all kinds of tree problems. This allows us to offer you the best solutions for a wide range of tree-related concerns. At the same time, we make sure to keep the costs affordable so that everyone can benefit from quality tree care and tree removal services.

We gladly provide tree care services in Avon, Danville, Brownsburg, and many more surrounding counties including 46168, 46197, 46231.

Our Services

You can hire us for any tree problem you have. Our arborist and tree surgeon team will assess your situation and suggest the most appropriate approach to deal with the issue. We also offer tree inspection, tree structure evaluation, shrub maintenance, and general tree care services. You can also contact us for emergency tree removal or storm damage cleanup services.

Residential Tree Services
Commercial Tree Services
Tree Trimming
Stump Removal

Trees add to the value of your property, which is why regular trimming is recommended to maintain its appeal. Regular tree trimming is just like a haircut – it helps to guarantee that the tree has a balanced shape and form, and no overgrown branches develop in unusual directions. Besides, without proper care and trimming, twigs and branches may even crawl into your home.

Regular tree trimming is also vital for the safety of the property and the residents. Trees with rotted and dead branches can pose a huge danger of accidents since they may fall and harm you or your loved ones during a severe storm or high winds.

Tree branch cutting, which is also known as tree pruning and tree trimming, can cost anywhere from $150 and $850 on average. However, this will depend upon many variables, such as your landscape, the kind of the tree, time requirements, safety risks, and other complexities of the job. Tree care services also base their rates depending upon the height of the tree.

A short tree under 30 feet will not require any heavy equipment for the trim, which means that the costs of tree trimming will be significantly less here. You may even get the job done for under $100 depending upon the other factors mentioned above.

The decision to go with either stump grinding or stump removal relies on what plans you have for your backyard and landscaping. Tree stump removal is an extensive procedure that includes heaving the tree stump using specialized tools. The roots are also removed from the earth after the tree stump removal. This will leave a big hole in your yard if not filled.

Grinding the tree stump is comparatively less burdening. Here, the tree care specialists will use a specific machine to chop the tree stump into little woodchips. This will not help to deal with the root of the tree though. Moreover, tree stump grinding is not suitable for huge stumps. That is why it is better to consult with the tree care experts to find the best approach for your situation.

The average cost of tree stump removal can go anywhere between $50 and $450 or considerably more depending upon numerous things. The main factors that affect the cost are the location of the tree stump in your property, the size of the stump, and the landscaping of your yard. The cost of tree stump removal will also vary as per the size of the tree stump.

Most tree care services providers calculate the price based on the diameter of the stump. However, you should ensure whether the estimate includes removal of the root from the ground as well or whether that will cost extra.

Professional tree care services have all the tools and equipment required to manage any kind of tree problem effectively. They will also have certified and trained staff to deal with the job proficiently. Moreover, a tree company will also follow all the safety measures and protocols to minimize the chances of an accident. They will also ensure that no harm happens to your property as they remove the dead tree or stump from your yard.

An expert arborist can also recommend the best approaches to address any kind of tree problem. Being a professional tree company, they will also have the knowledge about the state guidelines on tree removal and cutting.



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Marion Connelly
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“These are unquestionably the best tree company in Indiana. Their arborist replied to my every concern very considerately and suggested the best methods to care for the trees in my yard. They also came for a quick analysis and trimmed all the unruly twigs to make my lawn look more organized. Thank you Plainfield Indiana Tree Service.”
Laurel Nicholls

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